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So before Game 2 yesterday still in the throes of fan depression from Game 1, I opined on five things the Trail Blazers needed to do against Houston last night. Here's how they did.more

1) Stop bitching about the refs. DONE. And look what happened, the Blazers shot and made four more free throws than Houston - coincidentally, the margin of victory.

2) Aldridge, play closer to the hoop. DONE SORTA. He didn't change his location much, but when you score 27 points and get 12 rebounds, who cares?

3) Don't play Channing Frye. DONE, Thank God.

4) Play Oden more. UNDONE. But who knows what McMillan would have done if Oden hadn't managed to pick up six fouls in 12 minutes, including some of the dumbest fouls this side of ex-Blazer and ex-OSU Beaver Steve Johnson.

5) Relax. DONE. And now they go to Houston with the pressure on the Rockets to win both home games.