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Even after three days, it's still painful to watch, isn't it? Yes, the Trail Blazers laid down in Game 1 against Houston, and the fact that many of us feared the Rockets would out-tough Portland doesn't make it any easier to accept. Here are five things we'd like to see happen tonight:more1) Stop bitching about the refs. It's the playoffs. The ticky-tack crap that gets whistled in the regular season isn't going to happen in the post-season. Man up.

2) Aldridge, for the love of Maurice Lucas, please stay anchored in the low box. Catching the ball 18 feet from the basket isn't going to work against Scola, et al.

3) Coach, you know we love Channing Frye as an awesome human being. But playing any significant minutes as a big man when the Blazers need some stones under the basket? Not so much. Please, for the love of Jack Ramsay, keep Frye on the bench unless it's another blowout.

4) Play Oden more. The Blazers need at least to keep Yao busy on defense. And Pryzbilla isn't going to do it. We get that Oden has been a disappointment this season, but he does at least offer more offensive upside. And let's even say Oden disappoints tonight and the rest of the series. If he is the center of the future, no time like the present to get him some more playoff experience.

5) And finally, stop playing like you've got something to lose. There is no reason for this team to be tight. Nobody expects them to win a championship or anything. Best-case scenario before the season had them just making the playoffs, so Relax guys, don't do it (choke).

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