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Rose Quarter "Open House": Adams as Phil Donahue

MLS Deal Adams

The "open house" at the leftbank project about the city's proposal to revamp the Rose Quarter for a new Triple-A baseball stadium, an entertainment district, a Nike museum and a small theater, brought out dozens of Portlanders last night to vent their anger about the destruction of Memorial Coliseum.

To manage the anger, Mayor Sam Adams rolled up his sleeves and wandered through the crowd of several hundred people with a microphone, giving anyone who wanted to speak an opportunity.

Not everyone was buying it. Tim Flynn, a Vietnam War veteran (pictured below), called the mayor's effort a "dog and pony show." "This is a done deal," Flynn said, standing outside the meeting with Memorial Coliseum in the background. Just moments before, Adams had promised to listen to veterans' opinions on his plan to tear down a building that was designed as a memorial to veterans. "These people are completely out of it," Flynn said, adding that the mayor hadn't reached out to the organizations for veterans he knows. "We would like to know who he's talking to."

Check back later. We'll have more on the deal as City Council discusses the pre-development agreement this morning.
MLS Deal

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