The current WW poses the question of what wouldn't Beau Breedlove do before the spotlight fades. We now know one more thing we can cross off the list. This Saturday, Breedlove will appear at the Fantasy For Adults Only store downtown to sign copies of his Unzipped cover.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Breedlove, who entered the spotlight this year after Mayor Sam Adams admitted he had lied when he denied having sex with Breedlove when Breedlove was 18.

Breedlove's latest star turn began with the online release of the Unzipped cover, then a quick stint as guest judge for Cockfest 09.

And now, Breedlove will appear on Saturday from 5pm-6pm at "Fantasy For Adults Only" downtown, where he will autograph copies of his Unzipped cover, as well as anything else you would like him to lay his sharpie on.