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Restaurant Apocalypse: Good News/Bad News

Even though everyone is probably getting sick of the "good news, bad news" format (first openly gay mayor = good news; wants to make out with underage men in the City Hall bathroom = bad news; wine and beer at Cinema 21 = good news; having to buy enough booze to last through a four hour showing of Che = bad news), there is simply no other way. In an effort to shake things up a bit, it's bad news first this time around…


Urban Wineworks, a Pearl fixture since 2000, is planning to pop its final cork on Thursday, March 5. Being well aware that despite its demise the show must always go on, Urban Wineworks will host its final First Thursday on that date. In addition to this bittersweet farewell party, there will be a going out of business sale from noon to 6 pm on March 13, 14, and 15. Everything in the whole damn place will be discounted, which further proves that for the five people in Portland who still have any money, there are great deals to be found.


Apparently what Urban Wineworks neglected to catch on to is the fact that Portlanders want to purchase fresh pasta and extra virgin olive oil with their wine. Hawthorne Boulevard standby PastaWorks has just opened a fourth location at 4212 N Mississippi Ave. (They claim the new one is actually its third location because the one inside of City Market at 21st and Johnson in Northwest Portland is only a display case, but “fourth location” sounds so much ballsier given the state of the economy right now.)

Perhaps eating a whole package of linguine in one sitting will help to stave off the inevitable depression from losing Urban Wineworks' events like Yappy Hour. It's certainly worth a try.

Photo courtesy of Urban Wineworks.
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