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Thomas Friedman Brings Words of Hope, Supposedly

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You don't need me to tell you: Things suck right now. Our political leaders are too busy trying to shore up massive disasters to hold our hands and tell us everything is going to be okay. But that's what we have Pulitzer Prize winners for. Ecotrust, Portland State University, and a bunch of other organizations have teamed up to bring longtime financial reporter and bestselling author Thomas Friedman to Portland. And it's free. Because we couldn't afford it otherwise. Duh.

Someone told me once that the Chinese symbol for "crisis" is comprised of two symbols: "Danger" and "opportunity" (it's actually "danger" and "crucial point," but let's stick with what's rhetorically convenient). That, as Friedman explains in Hot, Flat and Crowded, is where we stand now. We (Americans) are at the cusp of huge development in the fields of green and efficient energy. That is, if we can utilize the creativity and boldness that we are supposed to have in spades.

What better place to spread the message that we have to work to save ourselves? This is the city that works, after all.

Friedman speaks Monday, March 9 at noon at the Stott Center at Portland State University, 930 SW Hall St. Q&A at 1 pm and book signing at 1:15 pm.
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