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A Mercy (Knopf, 167 pages, $23.95)
“…A heartbreaking account of lost innocence and fractured dreams, [that] also stands, with Beloved, as one of Ms. Morrison's most haunting works yet.” – Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

“…Morrison's unflinching narrative is all the more powerful for its relative brevity; it takes hold of the reader and doesn't let go until the wrenching final-page crescendo.” – Publishers Weekly

“…stands alongside Beloved as a unique triumph in Morrison's body of work.” – Ron Charles, The Washington Post

“Luminous and complex…” - Lev Grossman, Time

“Magnificent…a masterpiece of rewarding complexity.” - Peter Kemp, The Sunday Times (London)
Jesus Christ!
A Mercy
A Mercy
The Plot:
"Don't be afraid. My telling can't hurt you in spite of what I have done and I promise to lie quietly in the dark—weeping perhaps or occasionally seeing the blood once more—but I will never again unfold my limbs to rise up and bare teeth. I explain. You can think what I tell you a confession, if you like, but one full of curiosities familiar only in dreams and during those moments when a dog's profile plays in the steam of a kettle..."
A Mercy
A Mercy
Pilgrim's Progress.
“Not birdsong but sunlight wakes me. All snow is gone. Relieving myself is troublesome. Then I am going north I think but maybe west also. No, north until I come to where the brush does not let me through without clutching me and taking hold. Brambles spread among saplings are wide and tall to my waist. I press through and through for a long time which is good since in front of me sudden is an open meadow wild with sunshine and smelling of fire. This is a place that remembers the burning of itself” (101-102).
The Blair Witch Project: