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Adams' Admission Reaction: The Reason Sam Adams' Spokesman Resigned


WW has learned that even after Mayor Sam Adams pledged to come clean in the wake of news about his sexual relationship with 18-year-old Beau Breedlove, he told his staff a story at odds with what Breedlove later told The Oregonian.

That discrepancy is the reason for the abrupt resignation of Adams' spokesman Wade Nkrumah on Jan. 27.

Adams met with about 20 of his staff last Thursday, Jan. 22 at a site outside City Hall. At that meeting, Adams was asked whether he had flirted with or touched Beau Breedlove before he turned 18. Adams said no.

Three days later, The Sunday Oregonian ran an interview with Breedlove in which Breedlove said he and Adams kissed on two separate occasions before Breedlove's 18th birthday.

Sources have told WW that Nkrumah, who announced on Jan. 27 that he was resigning, felt he couldn't work for someone who continued to lie.

Adams gave a different reason for the resignation, telling KATU on Jan. 27 that the spokesman's job was "not what he [Nkrumah] signed up for in terms of stress."

Nkrumah declined comment today for this report. And messages left with Adams' chief of staff, Tom Miller, and other senior staffers were not returned.

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