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Adams' Admission Reaction: What Beau Breedlove's Dad Thinks About What's Happened With His Son


So what's Beau Breedlove's dad, Marty Breedlove, think about all that's happened with his son over the past week?

The 51-year-old electrician, who was laid off in December from his job in Central Oregon, told WW this morning that he's in regular contact with Beau and that his son is dealing well with all the attention.

Marty says he loves his son and also understands why Mayor Sam Adams (pictured above with Beau Breedlove) would want to keep the sexual relationship with Beau covered up.

Marty Breedlove has never met Adams but says he would love to have a cup of coffee with Adams, just to talk with him.

"I cannot make any judgement on Sam," Marty Breedlove said. But he added that Adams' involvement with Beau when he was 17, "does have a smell of grooming."

Marty divorced Beau's mother in 1994. But the family remains close and Marty attended his son's now-infamous 18th-birthday party in Salem, though he left before Adams arrived.
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