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Beau Breedlove Tells Oregonian He and Mayor Sam Adams Kissed Twice When Breedlove Was 17


Beau Breedlove told The Sunday Oregonian that he and Mayor Sam Adams kissed twice on the lips before Breedlove turned 18.

Breedlove told the paper that he was 17 at the time he first kissed Adams in May 2005 when Adams was a city commissioner. He told The Oregonian that Adams leaned over and kissed him when Adams was driving Breedlove to the train station after the two had lunch in Portland. The second time, Breedlove says, came in a City Hall bathroom in June 2005 after a First Thursday party in Adams' office, and before the two went out to dinner.

Breedlove told the paper that he does not feel like he was taken advantage of, and does not feel like a victim. "I may have been 17, but I was an adult, and I knew what I was doing," Breedlove says.

Adams told The Oregonian on Saturday evening that he did not recall kissing Breedlove after lunch, but that even if he did, his earlier denials still stand about no sexual contact with Breedlove before Breedlove's 18th birthday June 25, 2005. The paper reports that Adams ended the conversation after five minutes and referred questions to his attorney, Bob Weaver - who said even if Adams kissed Breedlove when he was 17, no laws were broken.

"Kissing is not sexual activity," Weaver told the paper.

On Monday, it will have been one week since Adams first admitted to lying about his sexual relationship with Breedlove. The mayor is expected to announce Monday whether he intends to stay in office.
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