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Adams Admission Reaction: Live From the 'Blogosphere'


News of Mayor Sam Adams' admission of a sexual relationship with 18-year-old Beau Breedlove is — as the MSM invariably puts it — "lighting up the blogosphere."

And in the brave tradition of the Internet, most of the people lighting those fires are keeping themselves completely anonymous.

"Debatablepolitics" over at Daily Kos writes that Adams "had no business taking advantage of this subordinate and youth. Consenting or not Adams used his position of authority to seduce this youth."

At queerty.com, an anonymous blogger asks:

Is Adams' relationship with Breedlove even news? Or a scandal? If Breedlove was indeed 18 at the time, it this just a case of "older gent-younger fella" romance, or a violation of an ethical standard we hold our politicians to? And before you reach your conclusion, ask yourself whether you're treating Adams any differently because he's gay.

"Bryan" at Gay Rights Watch says:

My hopes, dreams and aspirations for Sam Adams were big. He was someone to look up to and was always very personable and an easy guy to like. That's all changed now. He now has the task of earning back my trust.

And at the conservative site NewsBusters, a blogger who actually goes by a full name — Tim Graham — predicts the national media will ignore the story because Adams is a liberal.
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