January 15th, 2009 5:33 pm | by BEN WATERHOUSE News | Posted In: Politics

You Daily Disconcerting Google Mashup

Not everyone is as lighthearted as this guy.
Unknown opponents of California's unjust and hateful Proposition 8, which banned same-sax marriage in that state, have created eightmaps.com, a mashup of Google Maps and the donor rolls of the various organizations that supported its passage. The result? A searchable map of everyone who gave money to fund discrimination.

There's nothing wrong with making this public records more accessible to the public (see WW's ongoing attempts to get the names of Multnomah County's concealed weapons license holders), and I would never throw in my lot with those who hope to make this kind of information secret, but I find the map of just donors to the supporters of Prop 8 unsettlingly reminiscent of the anti-abortion websites, such as christiangallery.com, that list the vital information of gynecologists. Eightmaps lacks the dripping blood and barely veiled death-threats, but there's still an implication that these people should be made to pay.

There's probably no reason for donors on the map to freak out; LA riots aside, gay rights activists aren't nearly so prone to violence as their opponents.

The good news? I only count four donors in Portland. I imagine there would be many, many more dots on the map if it included donors to the proposition's opponents.
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