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Taste Test: Chocopocalypse 2009


Nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolate, and no one does chocolate better than Moonstruck. Actually, that's patently untrue—there are many people who do chocolate better than Moonstruck, but the locally-owned company, especially of late, does chocolate pretty well. When they were kind enough to send over their new Sweet Heart Truffles, Solid X & O Chocolates, and ten-piece Heart Collection, WW staffers were recruited for taste-testing duty (none protested). Reactions were varied, from super-excited to slightly apprehensive to flat out refusal (that's you, Dan Winters).

Of the Crème Brulee Truffle, “it's got a smoky flavor,” said Kelly Clarke, Arts & Culture Editor.

“Mmm, that's very good,” said Music Editor Casey Jarman, who could not identify exactly which truffle he was eating out of the ten-piece Collection, but just look at his face. Does it really matter when he's this excited?


The White Chocolate Peach Truffle was the most unusual of the group. Not one to mince words, Copy Chief Kat Hyatt had this to say about it: “It's good, but it's weird.”

When all is said and eaten, one of the chocolates had to win the title of "WW Favorite." And the award goes to [drumroll] the Grand Marnier Truffle for being easily identifiable and super-tasty. “I could eat a couple dozen of these!” exclaimed Accounting Manager Andrea Manning.
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