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Meat Me by the Park: Viande moves to Laurelhurst?

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Photo by sioenroux
Photo by Flickr user sioenroux.

Commenter benschon pointed us to a notice from the Bureau of Development Services indicating that Viande's new Eastside headquarters is proposed for the former Laurelhurst Market (known in the neighborhood as "the Laurelhurs", for obvious reasons) across the street from Music Millennium at 3155 E Burnside St. The city's premiere purveyors of pate are planning to move in two blocks from my apartment? I'm a dead man—I might as well start taking Lipitor now.

Illustrations in the proposal indicate the new business, if approved, will have outdoor seating on the South and West sides of the building, landscaped areas along the street, bike parking and 2,405 square feet of restaurant space. The building's false roof facade will be removed, and the storefront will be refaced with metal and wood paneling. The windows will remain.

Sounds like a great addition to the neighborhood. I was really worried we'd end up with another Plaid Pantry. I'll update when I get confirmation or denial from owners Ben Dyer or David Kreifels.
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