December 30th, 2008 5:33 pm | by Dan Green News | Posted In: CLEAN UP

Got Leftover Crap From The Holidays? Here's Help


With the boxes, paper, bottles, bottles, bottles, trees and menorahs piled up in my garage, I've almost got no room for my cockfighting ring.

But I'm in luck. And so are you, if your garage is crowded like mine, Metro has blessed us with one more holiday miracle-a way to get rid of it all. Here's how:

Got a tree-turned-fire-hazard covered with lights and extra accelerants? Call Metro Recycling Information at 503-234-3000 or visit to find the nearest recycler for drop-off or pickup service. Or, just wait til those lil' scouts come by to take that tree off your hands. Remember to donate cash.

If you were among the few courteous drivers who waited until you got home before taking off the snow chains (instead of letting them crumble off as you sped past the recommended speed), you're also in luck, Metro says you can recycle your chains with the normal curbside service. But if you're feeling extra courteous this year and would like to go the extra mile, Call Metro Recycling Information to find the nearest depot for free drop-off of tire chains.

Any other questions about what gift wrapping can —or can't— be recycled? Call that same 503-234-3000 number or visit
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