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What a Wood Village Casino Would Look Like

Wood Village casino

The backers supporting a casino at the old dog track in east Multnomah County today unveiled drawings today of what the gambling joint would look like if Oregon voters OK the idea on Nov. 2 (and if casino supporters are right that voter approval this fall of Measure 75 is all that's needed to put the casino in Wood Village.)

The press release and the drawings released by the Good For Oregon committee provide a glimpse in to what the group's political campaign will emphasize and not emphasize in the weeks ahead.

On the "to emphasize" list:

1) The project is more than a casino—it's a casino and an entertainment center, as in"Wood Village Park" will include a 3D movie theater, a large hall for concerts and conventions, a resort hotel, a bowling center, and indoor and outdoor water parks.

2) With the state budget hemorrhaging money, this project's supporters will tout hard the additional tax revenues it could bring.

On the "to de-emphasize" list:

1) Here's one more way for Oregonians to gamble.

The entire news release and additional drawings are below.

Wood Village casino

Wood Village casino
(August 26, 2010--Portland, Oregon) Today the backers of the Wood Village casino and entertainment center released plans for their vision for Oregon's first taxable casino resort on the site of the defunct Multnomah Kennel Club, the site of a former dog racing track, east of Portland. Oregon will vote on the proposed project this November with Ballot Measure 75.
Wood Village Mayor Dave Fuller said the development plan is more than a casino; it really is a destination entertainment center. “Right now the race track sits there empty, doing nothing for the community or the state. With the voters' support, we have an opportunity to create jobs and a true tourist destination that will help the entire state economy.”
While the sponsors note the final plans may change as additional input is received from local communities, current designs call for 70% of the entertainment complex to provide non-gaming amenities including a 3D movie theater, a large hall for concerts and conventions, a resort hotel, a bowling center, and indoor and outdoor water parks.

“The entertainment center is a dynamic project,” explained Roger Gray of the Good For Oregon Committee. “With a variety of venues and an exciting gaming floor, Wood Village Park will become Oregon's new place to go for fun.”

Sponsors say the project could help Oregon as the economic benefits will be substantial: thousands of permanent and construction jobs; generation of $150 million in annual taxes, primarily benefiting K-12 public schools and every county in the state, and most importantly, the project is attracting investment in Oregon's economy. Project sponsors are committed to bringing their vision to reality without the use of taxpayer dollars.

In addition to the statewide vote, Wood Village voter, will also have a say on whether they support the project outlined in Measure 75.

“Oregon is in its deepest budget crisis in decades,” said Gray. “Oregon voters have a say in whether a taxable casino can be part of the solution.”

Print-quality downloads of the artist renderings and more information about the jobs and revenue generated by the project are available on the website at
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