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The Real Reason Bill Sizemore is Pissed


As I wrote earlier this week, initiative maven Bill Sizemore is trying to fight back against the unions and politicos whose continued pursuit of him landed him in Multnomah County Jail this week on contempt charges.

Here's the lawsuit (PDF) he filed last week against his foes in Marion County Court. He says he will file another next week—although not in Multnomah County, where he hasn't had much luck with judges (PDF).

Sizemore's forthcoming suit could be an interesting one: he says he will argue that opponents libelled him by referring to him in campaign material as a "convicted racketeer." That description appears to be both false and damaging: Sizemore lost a $2.5 million lawsuit to the Oregon Education Association and American Federation of Teachers, Oregon in 2002. But that was a civil, rather than criminal, proceeding so he was in fact never "convicted" of anything, let alone racketeering.

The challenge for Sizemore is that libel law makes an exception for public figures, and given his infamy in Oregon, he would certainly appear to be one of those.

The courts will sort all that out. But here's one real irritant for the Sizemore family: Sizemore says that while his wife Cindy was waiting for him to be let out of jail earlier this week, her car got towed and she had to pay $140 to get it back.

No wonder the Klamath Falls resident told The Oregonian early this week she wasn't happy with the "communist town of Portland."
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