December 5th, 2008 | by HANK STERN News | Posted In: Sports, Sports

Trail Blazers Vs. Celtics: Who Cares?


Sorry to kill all the hyper-ventilating about tonight's Blazers game against Boston being a measuring stick as to how far Portland has come. But this isn't college football where each of the 12 games means everything.

This is the 82-game NBA where the meaning of tonight's game will be forgotten in two days when Portland plays Toronto and four days when the Blazers play Orlando and so on. Unless, of course you think Portland has a chance to play in the Finals next June against the Celtics, it's ridiculous to think that somehow Portland somehow beating Boston by five or the Celtics winning by 30 has any long-term meaning.

So what if the Blazers themselves are talking about what a big game this is? They've got to do something to keep their interest in a season that drags on from October through April. If they win tonight, nobpdy is going to say winning one game in December means they've "arrived." And if they lose tonight, nobody is going to say this is a devastating loss. Regardless of the result, they'll say we need to "take it one game at a time," which is sports' biggest bromide for a reason - it's usually true.

So sit back, enjoy the game and leave the serious worrying to these guys:

[youtube bFC1PXsjd2w]
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