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Braving Black Friday

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Did you shake off tryptophan's lingering effects to fight the early-morning "hordes" in pursuit of Black Friday deals?

As an intern at WW, I did. And after hitting Pioneer Place and the surrounding retailers, two things were abundantly clear.

First, there just weren't that many people out shopping, despite the Macy's Holiday Parade and the numerous sale signs lining shop windows.

Second, and not so surprising, people are spending less money this year. A lot less.

"I'm consolidating a lot of gifts," said Merrilin Gregoire, 65, adding that she and her husband aren't getting each other presents this year.

Outside Macy's, Mark Homayoun said he's spending cash only for his holiday shopping.

"I started saving up cash last year for gifts," said Homayoun, 45. "We're not using any credit cards."

In October, Blaine Coleman, 23, lost his job as a carpenter due to layoffs. He plans to cut back sharply on gifts this holiday season.

"I don't think I'll get anything for all my friends, only my Mom," Coleman said. "I think I'll wait for the next economic stimulus package before I buy anyone presents."

Valentine's Day, anyone?
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