Willamette Week
Regardless of your politics, a call from me is an intrusion. We've become accustomed to filtering all incoming communication. The plastic trinket in the kitchen is a reminder of the days when you couldn't press "ignore." And it's really, really annoying.

Most of the people you really want to hear from have your cellphone number. Twenty million American households now rely solely on cellphones, which have outnumbered land lines since 2005. And these cellphone-only voters, the folks who are missing from my call list of undecideds, may skew Democratic. Some pollsters, like Paul Maslin in this article for Salon a few months back, have suggested that the cellphone-only voters who are missing from polls are more likely to be young and minority and therefore more likely to support Obama. In Virginia, they might be among the new residents who have helped turn a red state purple in recent years.
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