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"Describe your most recent nightmare."
Most recent nightmare: usually i have more emotional nightmares, like someone turning on me or losing them, but i just woke up in reno from having one with some monsters in it. in the dream the folks that i'm doing a show for here in reno tell me that my check wont be ready for awhile, there was a flub somewhere, but that they have two free rooms for me at this reason in town for the night. but when they give me in the info for it they also give me a gun, a silver revolver with a long barrel and tell me that there's also a problem apparently, the city has started having these strange scorpion like creatures popping up. it's not long before me and the folks i'm with encounter them. they sound like falling water and they come out of the shadows and drop from the trees and look like scorpions that were birthed from a marriage of the creature from the black lagoon and the critters from the movie critters. they're fast and they're getting bigger and we still have to go get bullets.
Happy Halloween everybody.
Willamette Week
Photo of Anis Mojgani plucked from http://www.myspace.com/anismojgani. Many thanks.