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Nobody Works Anymore: Disturbing Playthings

tuttuki_bako And the Japanese once again corner the market on novelty . Insert your probe of choice into the plastic orifice and watch a digital silhouette bat at what appears to be a panda on a yo-yo . Entertainment value aside, let it suffice to say that I would feel somewhat uncomfortable with my child using the tuttuki bako in public.

Japanese enthusiasm knows no bounds :
[youtube 6MVNU_dmVlU]

In a related story (borderline NSFW ), Seattle sex shop Babeland really wants you to vote. Turn in your voter's stub and get a free Magic Bullet or Maverick Sleeve . While those names sound pretty wholesome,
those offended at the notion of making love to inanimate objects should avoid reading any further.

Poorly rendered Barack Obama dildo : check.
barack d

Bush butt plug : double check. While I admit that the only thing less funny than novelty sex toys is blogging about them , this news piece about competition between sex toy companies amused me.

I'll conclude with a breathgasm update . O's For Obama , previewed by Nobody Works Anymore here , went down this week in San Francisco. According to a post from "Jamie" the patently ridiculous event was "fantastic."

Lots more reasons Nobody Works Anymore here !
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