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Nobody Works Anymore: Really Freaked Out Friday

It's Friday , by God. And on Fridays we look forward to the week's end and celebrate by freaking ourselves out a little bit .


Do you know what a "rat king " is? Meditate on this image.

A rat king supposedly occurs when a nest of rats are living in such close quarters that their tails become intertwined, glued together in a tangle of feces and filth . The rats eventually kill each other out of frustration or starve to death. It's a useful metaphor that I refer to any time I have to work on a team...

It's crazy , it's creepy , it's sad , it's real . Ukrainian Woman raised by Dogs . Here she is on YouTube:

[youtube qyqbnDjId7g]

Also real and crazy , but not sad, and not creepy: Dog eats burrito. My goodness, this fella looks happy (and well nourished):

[youtube Wb3UrJjAac4]

Lots more reasons Nobody Works Anymore here .
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