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Nobody Works Anymore: Show Obama Your O-Face


On October 24th, Destin Gerek, "The Erotic Rockstar ," invites you to attend his O's For Obama sex rally .

The main event goes down in San Fransisco but will be simulcast online; Gerek hopes to inspire parallel happenings across the globe—"a large scale orgasmic breathing experience culminating in a simultaneous group energetic breath-gasm ."


"A rip-roaring, full-body, high vibrational energetic breath orgasm all while fully clothed." Aha. I see.

During the act, each participant is directed to visualize both victory for Obama on November 4th, and a personal vision of the perfect world. The concentrated force of a few hundred (possibly a few thousand?) sweaty breathgasms will "set a dual intention out into the universe."

As progressive San Fransisco continues to raise the New Age bar, is Portland sure to follow?

...BTW, the similar-but-unaffiliated OrgasmsForObama.com is registered but not in use.

OrgasmForObama.com (note the orgasm singular ) is selling t-shirts .


While the whole schtick is in obvious, intentional bad taste, it was reported on September 16 that a shirt bearing the message ''Every Time Obama Speaks, an Angel Has an Orgasm" elicited a chuckle from none other than moral arbiter Bill Clinton . Order yours here .

Lots more reasons Nobody Works Anymore here .
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