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Nobody Works Anymore: "That One" Edition


So there's one moment from last night's otherwise unremarkable presidential debate that's being dissected ad nauseam (including in our own live blog coverage last night ): When McCain, in a very odd moment, referred to Obama as "that one."
[youtube ed-k1xOCsMs]
Did he mean offense? Who knows? I doubt McCain is really aware of what's coming out of his mouth as he's saying it these days. The guy's basically been running for president since 1998, and it's all become pretty automatic, like a never-ending Mad-Lib about straight-talking maverick war heroes. Radar speculates he just forgot his opponent's name. Seems unlikely.

Now, before you get our analysis, please allow me this digression: You know who Bush really reminds me of? Michael Scott, of The Office . Both men are lousy managers who can't escape the frat-boy shenanigans of their youths. Both like to give people unflattering nicknames . Both seem to have issues with personal space .

So it's fitting that our Screen Editor, Aaron Mesh, reached a similar conclusion regarding McCain's weirdo comment last night. From his email: "The 'That one' clip is going to be replayed about a zillion times in the next 24 hours. But I had to watch it three times in a row before I could pin down who it reminded me of. Turns out it was this one: Ricky Gervais."

[youtube lOO0l2r3uJ4]

"Perhaps not the kindest comparison clip. But do we really want the Arizona edition of David Brent in the White House?"

No. No, we do not.

Another lesson learned last night: Whatever you do for the next and final debate on the 15th, do not drink every time McCain says "my friends." You would have done 24 shots last night.

In other news, Sarah Vowell is sick of Republicans speaking obsessing over the World Trade Center bombing while simultaneously dissing New York .

Finally, please enjoy this mesmerizing commercial:

[youtube NW8LPgv4NK0]
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