During one of his frequent leisure trips to Vermont, the reviewer happened to be introduced to WSJ reporter Ron Suskind. At the time, the two men could only guess at their good fortune. The one, an established and well-respected journalist, the other, a Pulitzer-prize winning author. What will come of this storied meeting of minds? Join us in coming weeks for a once-in-a-generation sit-down between Minervini and Suskind. (Click here to join the Tome Raider mailing list.)
sitting for a root canal
scoop out the pulp-filled cavities at the center of our government
The Cheney Crowd are Cavities!
The Way of the World (Harper, 398 pages, $27.95)
I mean, really.
The Way
that Saddam Hussein had no WMD?
"The White House first ignored the Iraqi intelligence chief's accurate disclosure that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq—intelligence they received in plenty of time to stop an invasion. They secretly resettled him in Jordan, paid him $5 million—which one could argue was hush money—and then used his captive status to help deceive the world about one of the era's most crushing truths: that America had gone to war under false pretenses" (373).
The Way