If you've been around long enough to remember to remember the last time the banks went kablooey , you've probably been wondering why John McCain hasn't been haunted more in recent weeks by the specter of convicted influence peddler Charles Keating, whom Sen. (then Rep.) McCain protected in the late 1980s as Keating looted the failing Lincoln Savings & Loan and left taxpayers holding the bag for almost $3 billion in Lincoln losses.
Well, wonder no more.

[youtube g72BuIvMbWY]
This morning, Barack Obama's website posted the video above, laying out McCain's role in the Keating scandal and the equally scandalous push to deregulation that has led to the current financial crisis.
Don't have 13 minutes to watch the video right now? Start with this 97-second primer from Huffington Post:
[youtube HAzDEbVFcg8]