WW: How do you think Gov. Palin did tonight?
How much does that matter?
Is she enough to elevate the ticket?
In a New York Times article yesterday, David Frum [the former Bush speechwriter who shared authorship of the term “Axis of Evil”] said Palin is unqualified to be vice-president. Other conservative pundits including George Will and David Brooks have made similar points. What do you make of that criticism?
So who is the real Sarah Palin? Is she the Palin who spoke in Minneapolis? Is she the Palin we saw tonight or is she the Palin we've been seeing interviewed by Katie Couric and Charles Gibson?
How much of the negativity toward Palin is sexism?
I wanted to come back to the comments in The New York Times yesterday that said she's not qualified for this office. What would you point to that would demonstrate that criticism is wrong?
It's just interesting that some loud voices in the conservative movement have abandoned Palin in the past couple weeks…
You said in your remarks earlier tonight that Palin made a few mistakes tonight. What were they?
Is she a better choice for McCain than Mitt Romney?
A lot of people have tried to make the analogy between Gov. Palin and former Vice President Dan Quayle. Who's the right analogue for Sarah Palin?
Would you really argue that you think that Palin is Obama's equal?
I can't remember in my lifetime a case where people are more excited about the vice-presidential candidate than the presidential candidate.