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Nobody Works Anymore: Palin v. Biden edition

lipstick Okay! Now that we're about to actually see Sarah Palin in a national debate for the first (and, we hope, last) time, it seems like the best possible moment to haul out all the Palin-related weirdness we've been sitting on for the last month.
She's a liar: Rolling Stone rounds up the top 10, but there are many more .

She's got skills: She'll win the talent and swimsuit contests handily.

[youtube r0OZ9W2K_z0] [youtube MUriWHPnjeU]

She's got crazy ideas: She believes dinosaurs and humans coexisted , she tried to ban books in Wasilla, she cut funding for teen mothers (oops!) and she thinks God loves pipelines .

She'll make a great screenplay: Just not this one.

She's crazy religious: Emphasis on "crazy." Nothing wrong with being religious. But this witch hunter thing? Very weird.

[youtube jl4HIc-yfgM]

She talks like a computer: No, really .

She could still drop out : It's not too late, Sarah. Please. Do it for America .

In the spirit of fairness: Please cringe at this collection of Joe Biden gaffes.

[youtube 3hZtW_q_6Ug]
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