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Hiking is the logical next step.
Portland Forest Hikes (Timber Press, 179 pages, $16.95)
you can have your hike and read it, too.
Young Thayer
The author as a young boy in Europe. Admits Thayer, "In my passionate teen years I was given to reciting 19th century romantic verse from the top of mountain peaks."
Old Growth hike 90405 08-1
Directions and Map:
[No Permit? No Problem]
6000 feet of aqueducts and ditches
without PP&R's permission
tunneled under Skyline Ridge
Portland mayor Harry Lane led a group of police officers armed with sledgehammers
We are such stuff as flumes are made on.
No, no, that's not it. How about...
Flume wasn't built in a day.
Hmm. It's still missing something...Ah, yes.
He who flumes last, flumes best.
Harry Hammer
Portland mayor Harry Lane (1855-1917)