September 18th, 2008 5:33 pm | by BEN WATERHOUSE News | Posted In: CLEAN UP

Taste Test: Mmm. Tastes like October.

Moonstruck Chocolate's As you may have noticed, sending us free samples of your product doesn't mean we'll like it. But you know what we do like? Moonstruck Chocolate's Pumpkin Seed Marzipan Truffle. Part of the Portland chocolatier's 9-truffle "Flavors of Fall" box (part of the latest media care box from the company—they send us about one a quarter, the better part of which end up with our underpriviliged interns), the PSMT is a little bit citrus, a little bit nut and a little bit sweet. It's great. Of the other truffles in the box, we enjoyed the Harvest Almond (tastes like roasted almonds!), the Molasses Plantation (tastes like caramel! Who doesn't like caramel?) and the Maple Walnut (maple+walnut=nummy). The Pfefferneuse and Caramel Apple Truffles were fine, if unremarkable, and the Pumpkin Pie and Pecanette cream-filled truffles were Sees-level icky. Avoid them, and leave room for more pumpkin seed marzipan.
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