September 17th, 2008 5:33 pm | by Matt Graham News | Posted In: CLEAN UP

Nobody Works Anymore: CYA L8TR TRL


OMG! Like, I totally just found out that MTV is getting rid of TRL! WTF? That was, like, so totally the last place on MTV that I could, like, tune in to watch music videos and stuff, and it had so many great moments. I wonder if they're like, going to replace it with some reality show or something that, like, lets regular people live like they're rich and famous or something? 'Cause I would so totally volunteer for that and stuff.

Only one thing can cheer me up right now: Ninja Kitty!

[youtube NbwpgyRUv5g]

I guess TRL's been, like, going downhill since back in the day when Carson Daly left. He was soooooo talented! I hope Carson had something like Ninja Kitty to make him feel better after that big old bitter meany David Cross did this to him on his own show:

[youtube bgC7WGhJ86U]

God that guy is such a total asshole. I need more funny cats to cheer me up.

[youtube TZ860P4iTaM]

Another good one:

[youtube SUNmLuNdiL8]

Ahh. I, like, feel all better now and stuff. I'll miss ya, TRL.
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