September 16th, 2008 5:33 pm | by Tony Piff News | Posted In: CLEAN UP

Nobody Works Anymore: Saggin' and Thuggin'


It's all about the saggy pants. The ban on "droopy drawers" in Riviera Beach, Fla., has been ruled—surprise!—unconstitutional. While Florida fogeys pine for the return of suspenders, we dip into the alien-yet-mainstream world of hip-hop culture and thuggery.

Sag with Japanese Precision: The Tightsag blog shows just how much the "ass-sag" has evolved.


Thug WIFE: Ice T's beloved Coco. Her truly bootylicious Web site (NSFW, if you had any doubt) assures us that her strange, inhuman bum is totally natural.


Token White Thug: An image that never fails to remind me what a total pussy I am. Hatewatch details the whole thing behind this hard-to-employ person's Nazi prison tats. Hmmmm...

And, finally, on the "what-a-total-pussy-I-am" tip, I have this very scary alleged "crackhead" (that's what the YouTube call him, not me). Funny, how cameras are always there when this kind of shit goes down. Almost makes you wonder how much the guy got paid for his performance. More hugs, less thugs.

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