"Six short months ago, Brother to Brother was excited to announce the selection of Alisa A. Simmons as our new Executive Director after having successfully served as the interim director of the organization for the prior six months. Today, I must announce that Ms. Simmons has chosen to leave her position as the Executive Director of Unity Project of Oregon."
"In our efforts to stay on track and remain focused, the Board of Directors has chosen to postpone the appointment of a new Executive Director and directly take on the responsibilities of operations of the organization. This change in management structure is temporary. However, this change is needed, as we work to thoroughly access the state of the organization, its effectiveness in fulfilling its mission, its ability to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision of a world where all people are free to live their lives to their fullest expectations without discrimination or harassment and with the freedom to live proudly and justly lives. I expect that more change will be coming shortly as we progress through this work but I am confident in the abilities of the organization and its supporters."