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THE WORKS; The 2008 Time Based Art Festival opening night, PICA.Photo by Christine Taylor.

When we talk about the unfinished walls at the still-not-quite-open Leftbank (240 N Broadway, 503-286-6442)—which plays house for this year's TBA fest's WORKS nights—we don't mean just that the stone is exposed (which it is). We mean that they haven't quite finished building the walls yet. With its super high ceilings, wall-cut doorways, abandoned post-industrial Bladerunner vibe and curtained-off areas, it's a lot like living in a $900 Williamsburg arts loft with your 200 trust-fund, weird-beard roommates, except you don't have to pay $900, you don't have to live in Brooklyn, and you don't have to listen to your roommate fucking tantric behind some flimsy half-assed partition. It's a massive social catacomb of sorts, with art installations downstairs, a music stage with Warhol-happening-style projections upstairs, sloping walkways, flat concrete echoes, and the confused din of hobnobby artistical sorts goallessly milling around because there's always somewhere else inside to go, something else and somebody else to see. Drinks at the temporary bar are simple and tasteful and all $7—we like the Oregon Summer, a cucumber "infused" Hendrick's and tonic—best enjoyed in the Japanesque arrangement of pseudo-bamboo benches fashioned from cardboard tubes, or out on the spacious, spacious patio looking out through chain-link onto the coloseum and that blacktopped no-man's-land between the freeway and Broadway Bridge. Or just, you know, order your Woodford's neat and admire your own good taste.

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