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Happily Agnostic Brit Contemplates Own Death
[Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in A major (Op. 92), 2nd Movement, “Allegretto,” as performed by the Columbia University Orchestra, conducted by Jeffrey Milarsky. Click to play.]
There. Much better.
Nothing to Be Frightened Of
Be Frightened
“But since this is life, or rather the remnants of it that have become available to biographers, we have no evidence of such a private audience. Perhaps there was just a brisk, convivial reassurance over the breakfast table. this might make for a better short story (though not play): the Great Matter dismissed in a few phrases during the clatter of knives, with perhaps the counterpoint of a parallel discussion about social arrangements for the day: who wanted to go shopping in Nice, and where exactly along the Grande Corniche Maugham's Rolls-Royce should transport them for lunch. But in any event, the required exchange somehow took place, Ayer and his wife returned to London, while Maugham, after this rare secular shriving, proceeded towards his death.” (86)
Be Frightened