Merkley hot dogFollowing Jeff Merkley's condemnation of robocalls and subsequent embrace of them, we have this tangentially related robo-tidbit.

Tipster Glen Carson alerted us to an exceptionally lame robo-call message, left on his answering machine, which paraphrases Merkley's Georgia gaffe and directs listeners to "hear the whole story" at a website called Freedom's Watch. The mocking voice declares that Merkley "didn't have a clue," while twice mispronouncing his name "Markley."

Listen right here:

Follow along with the full transcript:

Hello, I'm calling from Freedom's Watch with an important national security message. On August 8th, Russia, the largest nation in the world invaded one of its neighbors. When asked about the conflict, state representative Jeff Markley, a self-described national security analyst, though he was being asked about Jimmy Carter's home state. That's right. This self-proclaimed national security analyst didn't have a clue about what happened. Visit to hear the whole story. That's Call Jeff Markley at (503)986-1200, and tell him America's national security is far too important to be ignored. Paid for by Freedom's Watch.

Of course, Merkley has an unfortunate knack for providing his political enemies with mock-worthy moments:

[youtube 5B6furdKP1k]
Merkley's hot dog-stuffed jowls are priceless.