August 29th, 2008 5:33 pm | by BEN WATERHOUSE News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, Politics, CLEAN UP

Forget Sarah Palin: Liz Lemon for VP

lemon/palin So the Republicans will nominate a woman, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, for vice-president. How progressive of them! Why haven't the Democrats ever done that? Oh. Right. Well, at least we've got someone with real executive experience one one of the tickets now. Going by population, though, McCain might as well have picked Diane Linn for the VP slot. After all, she ran Multnomah County (pop. 681,454) for for years—two years longer than Palin's been in charge of Alaska (pop. 670,053).

Pardon me if I'm out of line, but if we're going to elect a glasses-wearing, brown-haired middle-aged woman with insatiable bloodlust and questionable political ideas to the second-highest office in the land, shouldn't we go with the funny one?

[youtube QBOfDgxYvU0]
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