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DENVER NOTEBOOK: Cops Still Spoiling For Action


The massive police presence for the Democratic National Convention in Denver has so far been unnecessary. Major, disruptive protests remain only a rumor, leaving the cops bored and willing to step into even the most minor verbal conflict. Today, while wandering down 16th Avenue, Denver's equivalent to Portland's downtown transit mall, I saw a handful of people purporting to be Sen. Hillary Clinton supporters now supporting Sen. John McCain (see botched photo above).

I say "purporting" because some of the Obama hecklers jousting verbally with the turncoats claimed to recognize them as registered Republicans. In any case, here's a website that promotes the cause.

After a few minutes of jawboning, the Clinton for McCain crowd then marched down 16th Ave., flanked on all sides by an escort of heavily-armed riot cops who outnumbered them about three-to-one.

Beyond that mini-flare up, there's still speculation about just how well Clinton partisans will toe the party line.

Yesterday, when the convention opened, the large number of empty seats in the section assigned to Clinton's home state of New York caught the eyes of Obama supporters. One Oregon Obama delegate, Karen Lonon-Jones of Reedsport, says she also noticed papers on the seats of several delegates from Puerto Rico (where Clinton won big) indicating they might not be coming. (Lonon-Jones had a bird's-eye view of the Puerto Rican seats, which are right in front of the Oregon seats.)

"I think it's just disrespectful," says Lonon-Jones (below, holding sign).

ww  02.jpg

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