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UPDATE The Gay Bachelor: He's #2.

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7/18/08: Another note from the confirmed bachelor.

Soclosetowinningthiswholething "Uncle Timmy" came in second.

I guess he's going to help the winner, some dude named Able Lima from Rhode Island, promote the fact that there are still a few good gay guys left in the country.

If you want to read more about the winner (before he won, that is) here is a story about him.


Just in from the confirmed bachelor:
I am one of the final 5 for the first ever Gay Bachelor of the Year. I am SO very excited about going to San Diego July 14- 21 and seeing if I get the title. The main competition will be held on the 17th. I have been told I will be part of a fashion show and other events. I have also been told (but not confirmed) this might me televised on The Logo Channel.

Vancouver, Wash.-based insurance broker Tim Bias is perhaps best well-known locally to Willamette Week's Queer Window readers as "Mr. Gay Softball. "

Now, he's dropped the bat and balls and is going national in the competition to see who is "America's Gay Bachelor 2008."

In a plea to friends to vote for him here "Uncle Timmy" says "after this many years of bachelorhood in Oregon I know I can become America's #1 Gay Bachelor. " He goes on to say, "yes there are cuter ones than me, but hell, they will get married so vote for me."

If you need any help in making your decision here's a pretty hot (and pretty NSFW) photo from last week's Pride Block Party where the hunk kept loosing his trunks in the dunk tank.

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