"an act of civil disobedience against the federal government"
Being an active parent volunteer in Portland's public schools has helped me grow into a community leader ready to help City Hall understand and support the school districts better. And after Ali turns 18 in June (one more vote - yay!), then when she and her two brothers are all in college in September, I will be able to focus even more time on City of Portland issues. I'm looking forward to that... as well as enjoying the here-and-now, this week and over the summer.
As someone who has spent his entire adult life fighting for the underserved in our community, I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity for a safe, dignified, living wage job. I recently visited Portland's new Day Labor Center to get a better understanding of the project. I met with staff members who answered my questions concerning a minimum wage and worker's compensation. I was impressed with the staff, facilities and the services being provided to day laborers. While the project isn't perfect, I've come to understand that the Day Labor Center is a critical first step that must be taken to help a very vulnerable part of our community. I believe that the project is important and will do everything I can to help it become a self-sustaining part of our community. Charles Lewis