Basic Rights Oregon's
John Kitzhaber
Chris Dudley
The Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC urges the state's voters to elect John Kitzhaber as Oregon Governor in November.

"Oregon needs the strong leadership of John Kitzhaber," said Jeana Frazzini, Basic Rights Oregon Executive Director. "His principles and actions show his dedication to advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Oregonians and their families. His innovative thinking, ability to make tough decisions and hard work for children, health care, a strong economy, workplace fairness and the environment will benefit all Oregonians."

"I stand with Basic Rights Oregon and the thousands of volunteers who work to see that Oregon is a place that values and respects every individual," Kitzhaber said. "As an Oregonian and as Oregon's next governor, voters should know and can trust in my belief in fairness and equality."

Kitzhaber has long served Oregon, as a Roseburg emergency room doctor, state legislator, Oregon Senate President, two-term Oregon Governor and a leader with several non-profit foundations and boards.

Starting in his early days in the Oregon House of Representatives for a Southern Oregon District, he supported legislation to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In various leadership positions, he has battled against ballot measures that would have made such injustices law.

He is the architect of the Oregon Health Plan, and supports inclusive health coverage for all Oregonians regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. He believes the denial of civil marriage to gay and lesbian couples inserted into the Oregon Constitution should be overturned and is committed to helping Oregonians talk through the questions they have about allowing same-sex couples to join in civil marriage.

Chris Dudley, the Republican candidate for governor, did not respond to the Equality PAC's invitation to complete a questionnaire and interview.