UPDATE, 11:30 am Friday: As first reported at Oregon Media Insiders, The O is saying "Never mind" on its buyout offer to part-time. Buzz is that publisher Fred Stickel's change of heart had something to do with the visit of this man.

UPDATE, 6 pm Black Thursday: No crocodile tears here—we've just confirmed other bad job news about a competitor. This time it comes from the Portland Tribune, which has laid off a news writer, a Web reporter and nearly the entire copy editing staff. We've also heard from at least one Trib insider that the paper will drop from twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) to once a week, on Thursdays.


It's confirmed.

As Oregon Media Insiders whispered here late last night, The Oregonian has expanded its employee buyout offer to part-timers.

In an unprecedented move, every part-time employee at The O (that tallies up to around 300 people company-wide) is being offered a buyout by the powers that be (we heard it's driven by publisher Fred Stickel's office).

In the latest cost-cutting measure during difficult economic times in the newspaper industry, the O's part-time employees have been told they will receive letters in the mail in the next week addressing their personal situations (salary, benefits, etc.).

If they accept the offer, those employees will have until the end of June to leave the company. Part-time employees are rarely offered a buyout in any company.

If there aren't enough "volunteers" among the part-timers, PLAN #9 from Outer Space indicates there will be another round of buy-outs offered to full-timers, the third in recent years.