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Laura Gibson: Live from a Tiny Desk in NYC

laura gibsonA nice surprise via the Hush Records blog today (so many blogs!), which had a link to Portland songstress (and friend of the site) Laura Gibson playing "Hands in Pockets" in New York City. What's so special about that, you ask? Well, Laura plays in the cubicle of NPR dude and well-documented Laura Gibson lover Bob Boilen's desk. It's a strange setting, but amazingly the whole thing sounds really fantastic. Wait, it's NPR, I guess they probably have some recording equipment lying around.

Still no road updates from Gibson, who, as you may remember, has promised to send photos of tourmate Colin Meloy using indulgent modern appliances and dishing elaborate verbal abuse at hapless stage hands. I don't know why these things are funny to me, but they are.

And be sure to stay tuned for our similar video podcast feature, Laura Gibson: Live from the envelope and hoodie-cluttered couch.

Be sure to really dig in to the Hush blog. They also signed a Spanish dude who sounds rad and they link over to a Nick Jaina photo/podcast thing from the Burlington Free Press. Neat!

Laura from a tiny desk
Laura GibsonSpace

Photo: Capture from the live NPR video. NPR is public, but it doesn't like its videos being shared, apparently.

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