As you may know, other people have taken it upon themselves to "liberate" my music from it's YouTube video and the chains of the capitalist system. Viva la revolucion! Just keep in mind that I make a living off of my music. Here's your big chance to encourage me to continue to make the kind of music you apparently want to download.

Below are links to high quality audio files of Hit Me On My iPhone. Click on "BUY NOW" to purchase the song for 99¢ (roughly .000002 Euros for our friends overseas). Click on "STEAL" to get it for free.
The long story is this, I got an iPhone about two weeks after they came out. I'm not the type to get all mushy about a piece of technology but it done changed my life. (If you don't know, then you better borrow your cousin's and check it out. I'm not gonna go on a whole tangent but messing around with an iPhone is like reaching into the future and hanging out with super attractive aliens at a hot party...or something.) About a month after I got it, I was asked to fly to L.A. to actually be in an iPhone commercial. You know, the ones with the "regular" person standing in front of the black background? Right! Well, I was getting all excited to go out there and this real stupid song popped into my head. As you may know, I'm a hip hop artist so of course I think, "why not record the thing?" about a day later it's recorded. Then I think, "why not recut the iPhone guy lipsyncing my song?" That's where Arrow and Merritt hooked me up. Arrow's like the Wolf from Pulp Fiction. If George Bush knew Arrow, this whole Iraq business would be sewn up by now. Anyway, Arrow made some calls, tracked down Merritt and Merritt worked his delicate fingers to the bone crafting this exquisite piece of art. We're pretty sure we have about two weeks before Apple threatens to break our kneecaps so enjoy it while it lasts:
Photo by Seth Kushner