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YACHT to Make a Video "Every Single Day"

YACHT flickr video stillWell, we all knew Jona Bechtolt was into nerdy internet stuff (Urban Honking is among his projects). But now that Yahoo!'s Flickr service (confusing LocalCut users since 2006) allows for small video clips, the man behind YACHT says he wants to post a video blog EVERY DAY. Bechtolt admits to the difficulty of this task (I mean, dude is on the internet a lot anyway...), but he insists on giving it a shot. So with what will Bechtolt pass the time? Your questions, mostly. He's accepting questions via email (jona at teamyacht dot com) or you can talk to him in the comments section of each daily video (today's fireside chat can be found here).

But WHY, you ask? Well, at the risk of sounding like another local blogger whose site rhymes with "stamplegoose," I'd argue that the future of music lies in artists making direct connections with fans through the power of multimedia, and while Bechtolt's aim seems purer than that ("it's an experiment," he says), the days of division between artist and fan seem like a bit of a throwback in the digital age. Through this little experiment, YACHT fans will get to know Bechtolt as more than just a sweaty, screaming, bent-over dude with a microphone. They'll see him as a human being who sometimes gets giddy and talks real fast (and, let's all just be honest, is pretty adorable).

Here's the first video. Not thrilling, mind you, but it's an introduction. We'll be keeping up from time to time. Maybe we'll even say hello. I'll ask what Jona thinks of LocalCut:

Flickr's video upload time is limited to 90 seconds per clip, which is a cool inherent limitation. Dunno how he's going to reply to all these questions, though. Jeez, maybe I should try this same thing with LocalCut? Daily Casey updates? Nah, you don't want that.

YACHT on Flickr

Image: A video still
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