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"Intense" Isaac Brock Digs Fishing, Yoga

modestPut this one into the "Portland: Indie Rock Mecca" file. A short but interesting profile in today's Sydney Morning Herald (that's Australia!) encapsulates Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock's personal story—albeit with some rather wide brush strokes—and reveals his love of fishing with his neighbor, James Mercer.

So sayeth the Herald, using many commas:

Today, Brock, 33, engaged, is a home owner and has taken up yoga. "I'm a lot healthier," he says. "I don't do drugs any more."


He also has a new fishing buddy: his neighbour in Portland James Mercer (frontman for indie rockers the Shins). It's a calming activity for an intense guy. "We talk a bit about music," he says of their sojourns. "But fishing for both of us is a way to get away from everything."

Haha, "neighbour." Learn to spell, Australia!

The story of everyone hating Modest Mouse when the band began in Seattle is well-documented and repeated here in the Herald, but there's enough insight to make it worth checking out. Shit, I didn't even know he was engaged. I guess marrying Isaac Brock is one more life dream I'll have to bury along with owning an amusement park and playing for the New York Knicks (well, the Knicks thing I might still be able to pull off).

The story is well worth a quick read.

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