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Cyclists Finally Boxed in Green

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Perhaps in honor of that well known cyclist St. Patrick, City of Portland crews applied a bunch of bright green paint at Southeast 7th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard on Monday (St. Paddy's Day), and installed the first of 14 green bike boxes to be placed at key intersections around the city.

The City hopes the bike boxes will help avoid deadly “right hook” accidents in which cars turning right hit cyclists. Two Portland cyclists died due to right hooks in October.

City workers installed a bike box in 1998 at Southeast Clinton Street and 39th Avenue, but it lacks the distinctive green paint and only has white lines.

The City will be celebrating the new bike boxes with a press event Thursday, March 27, 10-11am at Clever Cycles, 908 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Government bigwigs such as City Commissioner Sam Adams, State Representative Jackie Dingfelder and Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder are scheduled to attend.
Here's a list of the intersections to be bike boxed. The list does not represent the actual order in which the work will be completed:

1. N Interstate and Greeley
2. NE Broadway and Williams
3. NW Lovejoy and 9th
4. NW Broadway and Hoyt
5. NW Everett and 16th
6. SE Hawthorne and 7th
7. SE Hawthorne and 11th
8. SW 14th and Burnside
9. SW Broadway and Taylor
10. SW Broadway and Jefferson
11. SW Broadway and Clay
12. SW Madison and 3rd
13. SW 6th and Broadway
14. SW Terwilliger and Taylor's Ferry

The Portland Department of Transportation says of bike boxes:
The main goal is to prevent collisions between motorists turning right and cyclists going straight. It's all about visibility and awareness. At a red light, cyclists are more visible to motorists by being in front of them. At a green light, the green bike lane through the intersection reminds motorists and cyclists to watch for each other.


For more, ever more on bike boxes, see the coverage at
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