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Our drummer of the past two years, Lorin Coleman, has left The Thermals. The split has been totally amicable, with no hard feelings on either end. Lorin has simply left The Thermals to pursue other endeavors, one of which is playing in the band Andy Combs and the Moth, which I have to say is AWESOME, you should totally check it out. I will soon put up a link to their music, as well as links and info on the whereabouts of other past Thermal members.

Lorin played hundreds of shows and recorded a bunch of sessions with us over the past two years. He is a fantastic drummer and a good friend. We would like to thank him immensely, and wish him well in whatever comes next for him.

As for Kathy and I, we have just about finished writing a new record, and are almost done with some demos. Hope to post some here soon, watch for it! I think Kathy and I will be splitting drum duties on this next record, and possibly every one that follows it.

We are not exactly auditioning drummers yet, but if you live in Portland and are just fucking amazing on the drums, feel free to drop us a line. Please don't expect a speedy response.
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Photo (Coleman is on the left, and we think you can figure out the other two) by Nilina Mason-Campbell, who does not play drums, as far as I know.