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The Thermals Lose Another Drummer

therms174_c2e4f85ac5No, not in the Spinal Tap tradition: Lorin Coleman (The Thermals' third official drummer) didn't die in a bizzare gardening accident, choke on someone else's vomit or even spontaneously combust. He just left to do other stuff, according to a Thermals MySpace blog entry posted Saturday by singer/guitarist Hutch Harris:

Our drummer of the past two years, Lorin Coleman, has left The Thermals. The split has been totally amicable, with no hard feelings on either end. Lorin has simply left The Thermals to pursue other endeavors, one of which is playing in the band Andy Combs and the Moth, which I have to say is AWESOME, you should totally check it out. I will soon put up a link to their music, as well as links and info on the whereabouts of other past Thermal members.

Lorin played hundreds of shows and recorded a bunch of sessions with us over the past two years. He is a fantastic drummer and a good friend. We would like to thank him immensely, and wish him well in whatever comes next for him.

Harris is correct in stating that Andy Combs and the Moth is "AWESOME," and we've got the PLS set to prove it. Anyway, we're going to take Harris' word on Coleman's departure being amicable, despite what seems like a trend. Heck, I've been hired and fired by Harris (true story), though I'm still not sure from what, and he was really nice about it.

Some of the most exciting Thermals news came later in the blog post, where Harris hints at new material and Portland post-pop-punk outfit's future plans:

As for Kathy and I, we have just about finished writing a new record, and are almost done with some demos. Hope to post some here soon, watch for it! I think Kathy and I will be splitting drum duties on this next record, and possibly every one that follows it.

We are not exactly auditioning drummers yet, but if you live in Portland and are just fucking amazing on the drums, feel free to drop us a line. Please don't expect a speedy response.

What do you say, fucking amazing drummers? Care to be a future ex-Thermal? Oh who am I kidding, drummers don't read LocalCut.

Taking the reigns and presenting Harris and bassist Kathy Foster as the only two full-time Thermals is probably a good move, what with the band's track record and all. I mean, the jig is up now: Everyone knows Harris and Foster aren't monogamous when it comes to drummers. So now they can just date drummers instead of marrying them, which seems healthier somehow. You shouldn't trick a drummer into thinking he or she is a part of your long-term plans, because drummers are very sensitive. Strange generalizations aside, it's sad to see Coleman go: he's a beast on the drums, has great hair and from everything I've heard he's a grade-A fella as well. And sensitive.

In other Thermals news, some Wikipedia nerd took a joke a bit seriously and entered a 2008 release date for a Thermals album called Politics Don't Sell Records. Or maybe I'm not taking a joke seriously enough. The Thermals' own website lists the working title as Stay Warm. Time will tell. Meanwhile, we can't wait to hear some new Thermals material. Can't wait! Take a hint, Thermals!


Photo (Coleman is on the left, and we think you can figure out the other two) by Nilina Mason-Campbell, who does not play drums, as far as I know.
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