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Make Your Vote Count in May

Vote, F*cker

Historically, Oregon's primary hasn't mattered much. This year's unusually tight Democratic race, however, means that our 65 delegates from the May 20 primary could determine who will get the nomination. And there are only 52 days left to register to vote (April 29 is the deadline).

Registration is not as easy as it should be—you can't do it online—but it's not too hard. You must register either in person at any of these locations or by mailing or delivering a voter registration form to your county election office.

Another option is to call Oregon's Election Division at (503) 986-1518 and request that they mail you a voter registration form.

The same rules apply if you wish to switch your party affiliation or to adopt one. Either visit your county election office or mail in a registration form. Again, this year's deadline is April 29th.

For any other questions, go here.

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